Social Aspects of Complexity: Self-Organizational Dynamics

Beverly McCarter, Human Mosaic Systems, LLC

In an age of increasing organizational complexity, global interconnectivity has dramatically changed the way organizations are structured and operate. Interpersonal interactions and collaborations are becoming increasingly important.

This new perspective on how to manage organizations successfully in a networked, globalized world is necessary in order to make an organization more agile and flexible in an increasingly competitive and dynamic world. In such a complex environment individual and group dynamics can have a dramatic impact on the overall function of an organization.

This talk will explore a specific organizational process based on research in Chaos, Complexity, Social Network, and Systems Engineering theories, as well as in Counseling Psychology that bridges the gap between complexity theory and practical application. A process that helps organizations explore the various dynamics at play in their particular complex system and then, through self-organization, develop flexible and adaptable action plans to help move their organization through change.