Understanding Complex Systems


Monday, May 14, 2007

Location: Loomis Lab of Physics (Goodwin & Green), 1110 W Green Street, Urbana
There is a conference shuttle service from the Holiday Inn to Loomis 7am-10pm

8:30am Continental Breakfast and Poster Setup, Loomis Lobby
Session M1a, 141 Loomis chaired by Alfred Hubler
8:50am Welcoming Remarks by Dale Van Harlingen, Head of the Department of Physics, UIUC Audio
9:00am Robert M. Clegg, UIUC, "How to coax information from a complex living photosynthetic system using photon spies", Audio Slides
9:25am Eric Jakobsson, UIUC, "Parameterizing out the complexity in multi-scale description of biomolecular systems" Audio Slides
9:50am Taekjip Ha, UIUC, "Mapping the two-dimensional reaction landscape of Holliday junction via dynamic force-fluorescence spectroscopy" Audio Slides

10:15am Coffee Break
Session M1b, 141 Loomis chaired by Eric Jakobsson
10:25am Bruce Schatz, UIUC, "Biomedical Science in the Net of the 21st Century: Discovering Emergent Properties of Everyday Life" Audio Slides
10:50am Tom Anastasio, UIUC, Mathematical Analysis of Control by the Cerebellum of the Oculomotor Neural Integrator Audio Slides
11:15am Keynote: Leo Kadanoff, President of the American Physical Society, U Chicago, "Simulation and Prediction in Complex Systems The Good the Bad and the Awful--" Audio Slides

12:00pm Lunch at the Illini Union Ballroom
Session M2a, 141 Loomis chaired by Chris Strelioff
1:00pm Paul Goldbart, UIUC, "Phase-slip avalanches in the superflow of helium-4 through arrays of nano-apertures" Audio
1:30pm Stefan Boettcher, Emory U, "Self-Organizing Dynamics for Combinatorial Optimization" Audio
2:00pm Fabio Boschetti, CSIRO CMAR, Australia, "Complexity, Self-Organisation and Emergence: Information-Theoretic Description and the Role of Computer Simulation in their Understanding" Audio Slides
2:30pm Gustavo Caetano-Anoll�s, UIUC, "Evolution of modern metabolism" Audio

Session M2b, 151 Loomis chaired by Glenn Foster
1:00pm Bela Suki, Boston U, "Elasticity and breakdown of soft biological tissues " Slides
1:30pm Burton Voorhees, Athabasca U, Canada, "Virtual Stability: Constructing a Simulation Model" Slides
2:00pm Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, Florida State U, "Animal network phenomena: insights from triadic games"
2:30pm Jerome Baudry, UIUC, "Molecular Polka: Complex rotations of small molecular rotors in material and biological systems" Slides

Session M2c, 144 Loomis chaired by Vadas Gintaustas
1:00pm Scott Hill, Southern Methodist U, "Holding strategies in a bus-route model"
1:30pm Brian White, MITRE, "Hybrid System Dynamic, Petri Net, and Agent-Based Modeling of the Air and Space Operations Center"
2:00pm Walid Nasrallah, American University of Beirut, Libanon, "A Framework for evolving complexity in mobile social agents"
2:30pm Hank Allen, Wheaton College, "Complexity, Social Physics, and Emergent Dynamics in the U.S. Academic System"

Session M2d, 136 Loomis chaired by Martin Singleton
1:00pm Ajla Zisko, UIUC, "Computational Representations of Architectural Design for Tall Buildings"
1:30pm Bradly Alicea, M.I.N.D. Lab, Michigan State U, "Real-time representations of neural dynamics: towards artificial and hybrid models"
2:00pm Yun Wang, UIUC, "Calibrating a CA-Based Urban Growth Model Using Evolutionary Computation"
2:30pm Javier Burgos, U National de Columbia, Bogota

Visualization and Interaction with Complex Systems: A Tour of the VisBox (meet in the Loomis Lobby)
1:00pm Stefano Markidis
2:00pm Stefano Markidis

3:00pm Coffee & Ice Cream Break
Session M3 , 141 Loomis chaired by Hava Siegelmann
3:30pm Li Zhaoping, Head of the Laboratory of Natural Intelligence, University College London, "Nonlinear dynamics in the neural circuit for the control of swimming in lamprey (fish)" Audio Slides
4:00pm Elizabeth Klerman, Harvard Medical School, "Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Neurobehavioral Function" Audio Slides
4:30pm Nicola Scafetta, Duke, "Global warming and complexity: is there a strong but subtle solar signature behind global climate change?" Audio
5:00pm Russ Abbott, California State University, Los Angeles, "The ubiquity of multi-sided platforms" Audio Slides

5:30 pm Poster Session & Pizza
Zlatan Aksamija, UIUC, "Electron-phonon coupling in semiconductors"
Fabio Boschetti, CSIRO CMAR, "Managing renewable resources via Collective Intelligence"
Cibele Falkenberg, UIUC, "Model of Water and Solute Transport through Live Tissue: Role of Active Transmembrane Transport"
Nicholas Fang, UIUC, "Programmable transport and diffusion through artificially vascularized network"
Peter Fleck, CCSR, UIUC, "Induced Self-Aggregation of Metallic Spheres in Highly Viscous Medium "
Peter Fleck, CCSR, UIUC, "Mean-field solution of equilibrium ensembles of undirected networks with 3-edge interactions"
Vadas Gintautas, UIUC, "Experimental Evidence for Mixed Reality States in an Interreality System "
Marcus Hauser, Magdeburg, "Scroll wave dynamics in an excitable chemical system" Slides
Pedram Hovareshti, U of Maryland College Park "Consensus Problems on Small world Graphs: A Structural Study"
Joana Novais, UIUC, " Genetic Evaluation of Maize Root Complexity"
Walter Riofrio, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru, "Looking at the Beginnings: Enquiries about Emergence of Cognition in Evolution"
Hiroki Sayama, Binghamton University, "On self-replication and the halting problem"
Laura Zager, MIT, "Exploring epidemic thresholds using spectral graph theory"

Session M4, 141 Loomis, chaired by Wayne Davis
7:00pm Harold E. Klein, Temple U, "Revelatory Attributes of Neuronal Group Architecture for Strategic Knowledge Management" Audio
7:25pm Stuart A. Umpleby, George Washington U, "Managing Complex Systems: The History of Cybernetics as Seen from the Biological Computer Laboratory at UIUC" Audio Slides
7:50pm Judith Gebauer, UIUC, "User Requirements of Mobile Information Systems - Exploration and Practical Consequences" Audio Slides

8:15pm Short Break

Special Session M5: Beyond the Edge of Science - Though Provoking Ideas and Concepts, 141 Loomis, chaired by Alfred Hubler
8:30pm Peter Kugler, U Connecticut and Aptima Corporation, Division of Modeling, Emergence in 'Complex Parts': A Semantic approach to Modeling Complex Systems Audio Slides
9:00pm Gottfried Mayer, Penn State U, "Time scales and hierarchical levels of networks that control human movement" Audio Slides

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7:30am Continental Breakfast, Loomis Lobby
Session T1a, 141 Loomis chaired by Peter Fleck
8:00am Hugues Berry, Alchemy Team, INRIA, Orsay, France, "The influence of Hebbian learning rules on the dynamics, topology and function of random recurrent neural networks" Audio Slides
8:30am Phil Fraundorf, U Missouri, A simplex model for layered niche networks Audio Slides
9:00am Ido Golding, UIUC, "Transcription kinetics in bacteria: What does it mean for a gene to be �on�?" Audio Slides

Session T1b, 151 Loomis chaired by Chris Strelioff
8:00am Javier Alcazar, Cornell U, "Near minimum time control and time estimation to intercept mobile targets under robot dynamics constraints" Slides
8:30am Ping Ao, Washington U, "Lessons from an Emerging Phenomenon: Vortex Dynamics in Super Media" Slides
9:00am Val Bykovsky, Air Force Research Lab, Hanscom, "Understanding Complex Systems via Data Dependencies"

Session T1c, 144 Loomis chaired by chaired by Vadas Gintaustas
8:00am Yuri Dabaghian, U California, San Francisco"Development of universal distributions of quantum chaotic spectra"
8:30am Paul Humphreys, U of Virginia, "Computational templates as representations"
9:00am Bill McHarris, Michigan State U, "Quantum Diffraction-Like Patterns Produced by Order-in-Chaos"

Session T1d, 136 Loomis chaired by Martin Singleton
8:00am Jeff Terstriep, UIUC, "Calibrating a CA-Based Urban Growth Model Using Evolutionary Computation"
8:30am Jun Yu, University of Vermont, "Complex Dynamic Behavior on Transition in a Solid Combustion Model"
9:00am Hiroki Sayama, Binghamton U, "Generative network automata"

Session T1e, 137 Loomis chaired by Davit Sivil
8:00am Xinguang Zhu, UIUC, "Though being a complex system, the Calvin cycle seems evolved to stay in only one or few steady state"
8:30am Luda Yafremava, UIUC, "Reductive evolution in three domains of life "
9:00am Nikolai Zarkevich, UIUC, "Design and Modeling of Molecular Solids: from Organics to Complex Hydrides"

Visualization and Interaction with Complex Systems: A Tour of the VisBox (meet in the Loomis Lobby)
8:00am Stefano Markidis
8:45am Stefano Markidis

Tutorial, 158 Loomis
8:00am Alfred Hubler

9:30am Coffee Break

Session T2, 141 Loomis chaired by Tom Anastasio
10:00am Susan Kieffer, UIUC, "Enceladus--A complicated (if not complex) system way out at Saturn" Audio Slides
10:50am Vladisav Volman, Tel-Aviv U, "Autocatalytic neuronal network reverberations as a template for short-term memory � rescue by synaptic �noise�" Audio Slides
11:15am Keynote: Duane Johnson, UIUC, "From Schr�dinger's Equation to the Rolling Mill: Joining Complex Process at the Micro and Meso Scales to Predict Onset Twinning Stress" Audio Slides

12:00pm Lunch at the Illini Union Ballroom
Session T3, 141 Loomis chaired by Alex Scheeline
1:00pm Hava Siegelmann, U Massachusetts Amherst, "Dynamics of Multistage Circadian System and Applications to JetLag" Audio Slides
1:25pm Leslie Kay, U Chicago, "Complex inter- and intraregional oscillatory dynamics in olfactory processing" Audio Slides
1:50pm Barry Horowitz, fmr. president and CEO of MITRE, U of Virginia, "Self-Evaluating Agile Large-Scale Systems: SEALS" Audio Slides
2:15pm Jonathan Sweedler, UIUC Audio
2:40pm Keynote: Arnold Mandell, Vice President and Director of Research, Cielo Institute, "A Hydrophobic Eigenmode Approach to Peptide Analysis and Design" Audio Slides

3:20pm Coffee & Ice Cream Break

Session T4, 141 Loomis chaired by Wayne Davis
3:50pm Tim Liao, UIUC, "A Simple Model of Accumulated Earnings Inequality in a Human Society" Audio Slides
4:15pm Czeslaw Mesjasz, Cracow University of Economics, Poland, "Complex Systems Studies as an Instrument of Security Theory and Policy" Audio Slides
4:40pm Ravi Bhavnani, Michigan State U, "Adaptive Agents, Natural Resources, and Civil War" Audio Slides
5:05pm Sarah Sheard, Principal at Third Millenium Systems, "Principles of Complex Systems for Systems Engineering" Audio Slides
5:30pm Adi Bulsara, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, "Coupling nonlinear oscillators for fun and profit" Audio Slides

6:30pm Conference Dinner
8:00pm After Dinner Talk: Linda Katehi, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, UIUC; introductions by Marc Snir and Dale Van Harlingen

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7:30am Continental Breakfast, Loomis Lobby
Session W1a, 141 Loomis chaired by Vadas Gintautas
8:00am Daniel Polani, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, "Maximization of Potential Information Flow as a Universal Utility for Collective Behaviour" Audio Slides
8:30am Cristian Huepe Northwestern U, "New Perspectives in the Study of Swarming Systems" Audio Slides
9:00am Robin Glinton, Carnegie Mellon U, "An Analysis Methodology for Belief Sharing in Large Groups" Audio Slides

Session W1b, 151 Loomis chaired by Peter Fleck
8:00am Arthur McGurn, Western Michigan U, "Photonic crystal waveguide with multiple off-channel resonant features formed of Kerr nonlinear dielectric"
8:30am Akira Chiba, UIUC, "Encoding the cellular complexity of metozoa in their genome"
9:00am Soma Sanyal, Indiana U, "The small-world structure of sub-fields in Physics"

Session W1c, 144 Loomis chaired by Glenn Foster
8:00am Glen Ropella, U California San Francisco, "Evaluating an Hepatic Enzyme Induction Mechanism Through Coarse- and Fine-grained Measurements of an In Silico Liver"
8:30am Edward Marcus, Children's Hospital Boston, "Consistencies of Myocyte Flow Source and Developed Pressure Models of Cardiac Function"
9:00am Victor Korotkikh, Central Queensland U, Australia, "Towards an Irreducible Theory of Complex Systems"

Session W1d, 136 Loomis chaired by Martin Singleton
8:00am Andrew Missel, UIUC, "Hopping Conduction and Bacteria: Transport in Hostile Reaction-Diffusion Systems"
9:30am Nicholas Guttenberg, UIUC, "Open-ended Growth of Complexity in Competitive Evolution"
9:00am Lauren O'Malley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Front Propagation, Roughening, and Extreme Fluctuations in an Individual-Based, Two-Allele Model of Evolutionary Invasion Individual-Based, Two-Allele Model of Evolutionary Invasion"

Visualization and Interaction with Complex Systems: A Tour of the VisBox (meet in the Loomis Lobby)
8:00am Stefano Markidis
8:45am Stefano Markidis

Tutorial, 158 Loomis
8:00am Alfred Hubler

9:30am Coffee Break

Session W2, 141 Loomis chaired by Hava Siegelmann
9:40am Keynote: Herbert Levine, U California, San Diego, "Gene silencing by small RNA molecules: Do we really need yet more regulatory complexity?" Audio Slides
10:20am Keynote: Leon Glass, McGill U, "Evolution of Complex Dynamics in Mathematical and Electronic Models of Genetic Networks" Audio Slides
11:00am Jurgen Scheffran, UIUC, "Modeling Complex Conflicts Among Multiple Agents" Audio Slides
11:25am William H. Sanders, UIUC, "Protecting the complex power grid in cyberspace"

12:00pm Lunch at the Illini Union Ballroom
Session W3, 141 Loomis chaired by Hava Siegelmann
1:00pm Klaus Schulten, Computational Biophysics, "Pruning degrees of freedom in biomolecular dynamics simulations through coarse-graining and continuum approaches" Audio
1:30pm Amir Ayali, Tel Aviv U, "From single neurons in culture to the behaving animal; A quest for general motifs in neuronal systems' form and function." Audio Slides
2:00pm Dan Braha, NECSI, "Dynamic Centrality in Complex Networks" Audio Slides
2:30pm Keynote: Jim Yorke, U Maryland, College Park, "Determining the DNA sequence, a billion dollar logic puzzle" Audio Slides

3:10pm Coffee & Ice Cream Break
Session W4, 141 Loomis chaired by Wayne Davis
3:40pm Keynote: Irv Epstein, Brandeis University, "Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation in Reactive Microemulsions" Audio Slides
4:20pm Iwona Jasiuk, UIUC, "Trabecular bone as a hierarchical structure" Audio Slides
4:45pm Alex Scheeline, UIUC, "Towards Enzyme-catalyzed Nonlinear Dynamics in Microfluidic Reactors" Audio Slides
5:05pm Ravindra Datta, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, "Circuitry of Enzyme Reaction Networks" Audio Slides
5:30pm Marcus Hauser, U Magdeburg, "Bursting oscillations in an enzyme model reaction system" Audio
5:55pm Ilya Nemenman, Los Alamos National Lab, "Coarse-graining biochemical complexity" Audio Slides

6:30pm-10pm Dinner reception for all participants at the home of Alfred Hubler, 310 W California, Urbana.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

7:30am Continental Breakfast, Loomis Lobby
Session R1a, 141 Loomis, chaired by Peter Fleck
8:00am Yohann Grondin, University of Leicester, UK, "Escherichia coli at the �edge of chaos�?" Slides
8:30am Rene Doursat, CNRS & Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France, "Embryomorphic Systems Meta-Design: Preparing for Self-Assembly, Self-Regulation and Evolution"
9:00am Peter Dodds, U Vermont, "Social contagion on networks: groups and chaos"

Session R1b, 151 Loomis chaired by Vadas Gintautas
8:00am Aziz Raouak, Institute of Formation Technique, Casablanca, Marocco, "Anoumalous Transport in the Tokamak"
8:30am Frank Gaitan, U Southern Illinois, "Simulation of Quantum Adiabatic Search in the Presence of Noise" Slides
9:00am Boris Fine, U Tennessee, "Chaotic eigenmodes of nuclear spin dynamics in solids" Slides

Session R1c, 144 Loomis chaired by Chris Strelioff
8:00am Stefano Markidis, UIUC, "The Virtual World of Complex Systems - Visualization and Interaction with Strange Objects"
8:30am Bruce Miller, Texas Christian U, "Fractal Geometry in One Dimensional Models of the Expanding Universe"
9:00am Antony Crofts, UIUC, "Looking at life through the flow of meaning "

Session R1d, 136 Loomis chaired by Davit Sivil
8:00am Brandon Rapp, U Southern Illinois, "Switching Dynamics of a Periodically Forced Discontinuous System with an Inclined Boundary"
8:30am Dennis O'Connor, U Southern Illinois, "Nonlinear dynamics of a gear transmission system"
9:00am Hossein Mobahi, UIUC, "Training Neural Networks by Sub-Problems for Avoiding Local Minima"

Tutorial, 158 Loomis
8:00am Alfred Hubler

9:30am Coffee Break

Session R2, 141 Loomis, chaired by Wayne Davis
9:50am James Glazier, Indiana U, "Multi-Cell Modeling of Biological Development using the GGH Model and CompuCell3D�Applications, Technology and Open Problems" Slides
10:15am Peter Jung, Ohio U, "Synaptic plastcity and optimization by astrocytes" Slides
11:40am Herman Riecke, Northwestern U, "Complex Patterns in Resonantly Forced Chemical Oscillations"
11:05am Allen Hunt, Wright State U, "Longitudinal Dispersion in Porous Media" Slides
11:30am Richard Weaver, UIUC, "Nonlinear piezoelectric oscillators coupled through a complex acoustic cavity, synchronization and stimulated emission." Slides

12:00pm Lunch at the Illini Union Ballroom
Session R3, 141 Loomis, chaired by Alfred Hubler
1:00pm Wayne Davis, UIUC, "Systems-within-Systems: A Unifying Paradigm"
1:25pm Albert Luo, U Southern Illinois, "Global transversality and chaos in two-dimensional nonlinear dynamical systems"
1:50pm Trudy Kriven, UIUC, "The Complex Structure of Geopolymers" Slides
2:15pm Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, UIUC, "On formulating continuum mechanics of fractal media"
2:40pm Dan Frey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Part Count and Design of Robust Systems" Slides
3:05pm Alfred Hubler