Computational Representations of Architectural Design for Tall Buildings

Ajla Zisko, School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Building design process is significantly complex procedure taking into account many different factors and variables, such as the site context, environment, material availability, cost, function, and social and cultural aspects. One of the most complex forms of the built environment is the tall building due to the scale, design considerations and multidisciplinary nature. The amount of information that guides the process is significantly increased for tall buildings compared to the low and mid-rise. This work focuses on the development of ontological model of tall building design factors, aiming to capture implicit knowledge involved in the architectural design process. Ontology represents architectural design by conceptual taxonomy, and a network of relationships describing the connections between different factors. The model incorporates physical systems such as structure, building elements and geometry, as well as environmental effects, social aspects and other complex attributes.