Hybrid System Dynamic, Petri Net, and Agent-Based Modeling of the Air and Space Operations Center

Brian White, MITRE Corporation

In an earlier paper, an existing Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) process model (i.e., Petri net) and new global and mission models for the environment in which the AOC operates (i.e., System Dynamics) were linked (federated). The focus of this paper is the development of an operator-environment model (i.e., Agent-Based Model). An existing systems framework for attention allocation of operators within the AOC has been implemented that supports multiple modeling paradigms. The results for linking the Petri net and System Dynamics models are summarized, and new results for the Agent-Based Model are presented based on a pilot-down scenario. It has been observed that many AOC operators can become distracted by a pilot-down critical event, even if the operator is not able to directly assist in the rescue. Furthermore, this distraction has been hypothesized to have a detrimental effect on the activities the non-involved operators are currently handling.