Quantum Diffraction-Like Patterns Produced by Order-in-Chaos

Bill McHarris, Chemistry and Physics, Michigan State University

A number of the seeming paradoxes in quantum mechanics can be simulated and perhaps explained (away?) by parallels in non-linear dynamics and chaos [Wm. C. McHarris, Complexity, Vol. 12, No. 4, in press, and references therein]. Among these is the concept of complementarity, i.e., the dual particle-wave behavior of photons, electrons, and other microdomain particles. A possible nonlinear parallel explanation for this type of behavior can be generated by a chaotic system in a region where ordered (i.e., cyclic) behavior is intimately interspersed with chaotic behavior. The ordered trajectories result in predictable positions akin to "constructive wave interference," whereas chaotic traectiories can be likened to "destructive interference." A simple model based on multi-dimensional iterators will be used to generate behavior similar to that of double-slit experiments.