Lessons from an Emerging Phenomenon: Vortex Dynamics in Super Media

Ping Ao, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Washington University

Some aspects of vortex dynamics theories will be critically examined. The subject has a long and vortex-like history. It may be traced back at least to the classical paper of L. Landau on two-fluid model of superfluid helium II. The discussion will be placed in the context of experiments on the Josephson-Anderson effect and on the Hall anomaly in the mixed state. Once the vortex dynamics is clarified, I will discuss its implications in some current researchs, such as the role played in the dissipation puzzle in high Reynolds number turbulences in both quantum and classical settings. Related literature may be traced from my recent note, P. Ao, cond-mat/0610753 (http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/cond-mat/pdf/0610/0610753.pdf ).