Laboratory of the Complex Systems Summer School

Inroductory Presentation: Sildes

Lab Manuals and References:

Experiment 1 - Chaotic Water Wheel:
N. Sachdeva, A. Hubler,A phase transition between chaos and a set of stationary states within a fractal basis of attraction in waterwheels with static friction and noise (preprint)

Experiment 2 - Mixing and Segregation in Open Dissipative Systems:
K. Hill, G. Gioia, D. Amaravadi, PRL 93, 224301 (2004)

Experiment 3 - Fractal Networks:
J. Jun, A. Hubler, PNAS 102, 536-540 (2005), M. Sperl, A. Chang, N. Weber, A. Hubler, Phys. Rev. E 59, 31653168 (1999)

Experiment 4 - Chaos of a Bouncing Ball - Time Discrete Models for Time Continuous Systems

Experiment 5 - Disappearance of Wave Chaos as an Example for Adaptation to the Edge of Chaos:
P. Melby, J. Kaidel, N. Weber, A. Hübler, Adaptation to the Edge of Chaos in the Self-Adjusting Logistic Map, Phys.Rev.Lett 84, 5991-5993 (2000), P. Melby, N. Weber, A. Hübler, Robustness of Adaptation in Controlled Self-Adjusting Chaotic Systems, Phys. Fluctuation and Noise Lett. 2, L285-L292 (2002), P. Melby, N. Weber, A. Hübler, Dynamics of Self-Adjusting System with Noise, Chaos 15, 033902(2005), T. Wotherspoon and A. Hubler,"Adaption to the Edge of Chaos with Random-Wavelet Feedback, A. Hubler, "Self-adjusting systems avoid chaos", Complexity 14(4), 8-11 (2009)

Experiment 6 - Oscillating Chemical Reactions:
J.M. Bodet, C. Vidal, A. Pacault, F. Argoul, in Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Chemical Systems, ed. C. Vidal and A. Pacault, Springer Series in Synergetics, 102-107(1984)

Experiment 7 - Exploring Mixed Reality States in an Interreality System:
V. Gintautas and A. Hubler Experimental evidence for mixed reality states in an interreality system. Phys. Rev. E 75, 057201, (2007). , Vadas Gintautas, A. Hubler, Experimental Evidence for Mixed Reality States, published in Complexity

Experiment 8 - Thermo-Acoustic Resonator:
A. Hübler, Predicting Complex Systems with a Holistic Approach, Complexity 10(3), 11-16 (2005)

Experiment 9 - Solitons

Experiment 10 - Elementary Cellular Automata and Digital Wires:
A. Hubler, "Digital wires", Complexity 14(5), 7-9 (2009). , A. Hubler, "Digital batteries", Complexity 14(3), 7-9 (2008), A. Hubler and O. Osuagwu, Digital quantum batteries: Energy and information storage in nano vacuum tube arrays

Experiment 11 - Video Feedback

Experiment 12 - Quantization Phenomena in dissipative Wave-Particle Systems:
D. Sivil, A. Hubler, Quantized motion of a particle pushed around by waves, Complexity 15(2), 10-12(2009)